Anonymous asked
Describe the top ten people who make you happiest! :-)

1) she comes off and views herself as awkward and antisocial, but she actually knows just what to say. she knows how i work and can read me better than i can. she is my best friend.
2) he is just barely taller than me and his hugs make me feel like i am loved deeply. his kisses taste like the stars and i am in love with him.
3) she is short tempered and too often confused about what she should do. she is rash and can be harsh, but my god, she is beautiful. she is memorizing and once you have held her trust, you will never forget her.
4) he is tall and strong and too often far away. he puts his family first, and without him, i would not be here. he is awkward and makes the worst jokes. but i love him as only a daughter can.
5) she is tiny and looks so frail, but if you touch her friends, then you had best book it. she tends to rush into things and get lost, but she will always be so pure and loving.
6) he is still an enigma to me, but he is kind and soft hearted and i wouldn’t mind having him around forever. i long for the day i will meet him.
7) she is sweet and rather odd. she doesn’t fit in quite as much as she would like, but she is more talented and sincere than anyone i know.
8) he left. but he made me blush and giggle first.
9) -
10) -
i don’t have many people who make me genuinely happy anymore.

Day One Hundred and Sixty-Nine

I didn’t realize how much I needed you until I almost lost you. You give me no butterflies, but barbed wire. No gentle blush, but emotions storm. I never want to lose you. I am going to learn to make myself happy. Then I am going to make you the happier man in the world.